Interactive, immersive and entertaining storytelling expexerience for both the physical
and digital ABP exhibition about 100 years of female emancipation

ABP exhibition about 100 years of female emancipation

The challenge

Convey the stories of 100 years of female emancipation into different interactive storytelling experiences for both a physical and digital exhibition.


WT interactive was responsible for all interactive storytelling elements of this traveling exhibition through The Netherlands, which was also made available as a 3D digital twin. WT interactive has created an interactive table that presents the history of the female emantipation by means of the life stories of 8 personas, backed with all historic facts that influenced this persons life. Furthermore, an immersive persona wall was created where three life stories were presented on a large screen with a realtime audio-shower. Finally, the reality check was created as a digital mirror that triggers your decisions on your perception on pension.