Interactive, immersive and entertaining storytelling experience
explaining the 'FLOW' campaign wihtin the BAM booth at PROVADA 2022

Interactive storytelling experience

The challenge

Create an interactive, entertaining and immersive booth experience to introduces the new BAM 'FLOW' campaign at PROVADA 2022


Designed and developed by WT interactive, the stand design and interactive storytelling components helped visitors learn more about BAM's new housing concept in an engaging way. Visitors of the booth could explore the 'FLOW'. concept by means of an interactive screen that activated different parts of the story on 4 large screens. WT interactive also designed a high-quality wall print for the stand explaining the modular aspect of the concept. 'FLOW' contributes to the ongoing challenge of creating affordable and sustainable housing. Off-site construction and wood as a sustainable basis underpin the housing concept. 'FLOW' implements BAM's sustainability strategy 'building a sustainable tomorrow' by combining sustainability, industrialization, and digitization.