Interactive, immersive and entertaining storytelling experience
for the Homestudios booth at PROVADA 2021 and 2022

Interactive storytelling experience

The challenge

Create a experience to explain the Homestudios concept at the PROVADA event.


Two years running, WT interactive has supported Homestudios in explaining their concept at the PROVADA event on an interactive, immersive and entertaining storytelling way. The Homestudios model illustrates an industry where customers are completely unburdened by using buyer guidance. For this experience, WT interactive supported to explain the question what does Homestudios do? How does Homestudios do things better and smarter? How does this benefits the customer? To explain these questions, WT interactive and Motionshow created a 270 degrees audio-visual experience for Homestudios using a setup with a touchscreen and videowall including 3D animations.