Interactive storytelling experience for
the Fujifilm Open Innvation Hub Europe

Fujifilm Open Innvation Hub Europe

The challenge

Create a collaborative and inspiring journey for the visitors of the Open Innovation Hub that introduces the corporate story and heritage of Fujifilm. The Open Innovation Hub needs to support the staff in presenting the broad variety of core technologies, applications, markets and innovations Fujifilm has to offer and utilize collaboration opportunities using the co-creation and deep dive area.


In cooperation with Hypsos, WT interactive created an immersive, interactive and collaborative Open Innovation Hub for Fujifilm Europe in Düsseldorf. WT interactive was responsible for all interactive storytelling and digital elements within the Open Innovation Hub. In the Open Innovation Hub, Fujifilm invites customers and business partners to find opportunities for valuable partnerships. To discuss society and industrial challenges and get inspired to create or co-create innovative solutions. Visitors to the Open Innovation Hub will be taken on a 60 minutes tour through the evolution of Fujifilm and become familiar with their new technologies and innovative products.


WT interactive branded Fujifilm as a technology company integrating all kind of interactive storytelling elements, to support sales activities and to utilize collaboration opportunities using the co-creation space.