Job van der Lans

Managing Partner

Job is an inspiring innovator, motivated to find new solutions to challenging problems. He has the natural ability to connect the dots overseeing the big picture, converting complexity into simplicity.

Next to being the captain of WT interactive, Job has an important role in the conceptual phase of each project and is closely involved during the realisation phase. Job loves to really understand your story to craft it to a solution that works for you and your business.

Milan Compeer

Creative Partner

Milan has a playful imagination. During his graduation as a Master of Arts he developed the prototype of the first WhiteTable, an interactive presentation table for sales & information purposes.

Within WT interactive, Milan is focussing on integrating new media, visual content and interaction design into all his work. His expertise lies in creating thrilling and relevant customer experiences. Milan likes to add a good sense of humor where possible.

Fady William Zaky

R&D Engineer

Fady has a creative mind-set and loves technical challenges. He graduated as a Bachelor of Science in Interaction Design by answering the question of how people will shop in the future.

He has a clear focus on how to integrate new and innovative technology to increase product awareness. His goal is to create impressive and entertaining experiences following the trend of latest technology.

Ricky Dul

Product Designer

Ricky is a lighthearted designer with a feel for technology and an eye for design. He graduated as a Master of Science in Integrated Product Design by designing the WhiteTable 3.0 concept.

Thinking from a users perspective he is able to bridge the gap between the technology and usability of products. He likes to come up with designs that work and also look good while doing it.

Marjolijn Patist

Motion Graphic Designer

Marjolijn is the newest member of our team. She is a truly out of the box thinker and is always excited to start a new project, especially when it involves 3D animations with no creative limitations.

She graduated in Animation and Audio Visual Design and thanks to her creative and open mindset she plays an important role in our design team.